The Satin Strangler Blogs

The Satin Strangler Blogs (TSSB) is the story of a female serial killer told from the varying and sometimes contradictory perspectives of 12 different narrators. Who is telling the truth - the high profile attorney, the potheads, the serial murder aficionado, the stream of media rubbernecking writer-wannabes, or none of them?

You can download the ebook version of TSSB for $5.99, or order a paperback copy for $9.99. 

If you prefer to read the story on-line as it originally appeared, please continue reading.

The on-line version is a totally new way of reading a story. Finish reading through this introductory blog post before getting started. The story leads you through multiple websites, where each blogger is a narrator but also often a character. You can click through the central story's 105 blog post to read them like a novel, or else explore the complete world of supplemental content provided across the internet. It's all free to enjoy. I only request that you help spread the word in any way that you can, and please "Like" TSSB on Facebook.

What? You don't know what a blog is? That's okay. Just refer to the Table of Contents at the bottom of this post and think of each "blog post" as a "chapter" in the story. Click on "Prologue." After you read that post, simply click on the "Read the Next Post" link immediately below it, as shown in the example below. Just keep doing that until you finish the story. That's all there is to it.

You will be travelling to different websites, so the pages will all have different formats and colors. The bloggers all have different writing styles, so some of the writing won't resemble a traditional novel. Whenever in doubt, look for the series of links at the bottom of the post, similar to the image above. If you don't see them, you may want to go back to the Table of Contents below. Bookmark this page or save it to your favorite links, so that it is readily available. You will see that the title links for any posts that you have visited will have changed color from yellow to orange, so that you can easily identify where to restart.

Those of you who are more internet savvy can enjoy the full TSSB reading experience. The central story is intended to be read in the order listed below, but if you like the writing of one of the bloggers, take your reading "off-road." Check out their full blog, complete with supplemental content about the Satin Strangler and other topics of interest. Contribute to the many social media platforms along the way. Pretend that you were at the events being described, and comment about your experience at the bottom of a post. This unique platform allows you to become a part of the story for the next reader.

Enter. Read. Interact. Share.

Blog Post List for Story (ie, Table of Contents)

Start here: Prologue

Part 1: Genesis

1.     SERIAL KILLER ON THE LOOSE (Release Barabbas, 03.21.08)

2.     THE SATIN STRANGLER (Crazy 4 Crazies, 05.10.08)

3.     SAVE THE NEPTUNE (Sound Off NJ, 07.08.08)

4.     FEMALE SERIAL MURDERERS (Crazy 4 Crazies, 08.03.08)

5.     MISSING PERSON (Sea View Stew, 08.30.08)

6.     COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE (Release Barabbas, 09.05.08)

7.     SOWING SEEDS (Salvation Sermons, 09.06.08)

8.     SATIN STRANGLER ARRESTED (The NJ Dirt, 09.14.08)

9.     DESTINY BLANDE (Strangler Network, 09.14.08)

10.   ARE SERIAL KILLERS ALL LONERS? (Crazy 4 Crazies, 09.14.08)

11.   HORACE P. KROUCH (Strangler Network, 09.14.08)

12.   DETOUR TO SEA VIEW (Krouch Murder Defense, 09.14.08)

13.   YOUR ARREST (Release Barabbas, 09.14.08)

14.   SAMSON AND DELILAH (Salvation Sermons, 09.14.08)

15.   IN SEA VIEW (Krouch Murder Defense, 09.14.08)

16.   PINEAPPLE EXPRESS REVIEW (Sea View Stew, 09.14.08)

17.   MEETING THE SATIN STRANGLER? (Krouch Murder Defense, 09.14.08)

18.   POLICE STATION (Sea View Stew, 09.15.08)

19.   FRIENDS ARE SHOCKED (Strangler Then Fiction, 09.15.08)



22.   KROUCH TO REPRESENT BLANDE (The NJ Dirt, 09.22.08)

23.   THE FAMOUS LAWYER (Release Barabbas, 10.04.08)

24.   THOU SHALT NOT KILL (Salvation Sermons, 10.04.08)

25.   PETITION (Destiny is Innocent, 01.21.09)

26.   WHY WAIT FOR A TRIAL? (Death for Destiny, 01.24.09)

27.   COURTROOM FASHION PRECEDENTS (Strangler Fashion, 02.10.09)

28.   STRANGULATION (Crazy 4 Crazies, 02.14.09)

29.   TO DESTINY BLANDE (Release Barabbas, 02.26.09)

Part 2: Synthesis

30.   SEXUAL CANNIBALS (Strangler Network, 03.01.09)

31.   FUN WITH "ME2" (Crazy 4 Crazies, 03.05.09)


33.   FIRST DAY IN COURT (Strangler Fashion, 03.15.09)

34.   THE TRIAL TWEETS (Sea View Stew, 05.2.09)

35.   DESTINY BLANDE POPULARITY (Strangler Network, 05.03.09)

36.   JERSEY BLOCK PARTY (Sea View Stew, 05.03.09)

37.   SATIN STRANGLER VERDICT (The NJ Dirt, 05.03.09)

38.   LEAVING THE COURTROOM (Krouch Murder Defense, 05.03.09)

39.   THE RIGHT DECISION (Destiny is Innocent, 05.03.09)

40.   SATIN STRANGLER JURY SMOKES CRACK (Death for Destiny, 05.03.09)

41.   VERDICT ATTIRE (Strangler Fashion, 05.03.09)

42.   NIGHT OF THE VERDICT (Krouch Murder Defense, 05.05.09)

43.   STALKING A STRANGLER (Sea View Stew, 05.06.09)

44.   CIVIL SUIT ANNOUNCED (The NJ Dirt, 05.09.09)

45.   CIVIL VS CRIMINAL CASES (Krouch Murder Defense, 05.10.09)

46.   SICK OF YOU DESTINY BLANDE (Release Barabbas, 05.20.09)

47.   DENIAL (Salvation Sermons, 05.20.09)

48.   WHAT MOTIVATES A SERIAL KILLER? (Crazy 4 Crazies, 06.01.09)

49.   4TH OF JULY (Sea View Stew, 07.04.09)

50.   FINDING THE FIRST VICTIM (Krouch Murder Defense, 07.07.09)

51.   STRANGULATION BIOLOGY 101 (Crazy 4 Crazies, 07.13.09)

52.   THE FIRST KILL (Krouch Murder Defense, 07.17.09)

53.   FORENSICS: NAME THAT STRANGULATION (Crazy 4 Crazies, 07.20.09)

54.   LIBEL SUIT FILED (The NJ Dirt, 07.24.09)

55.   RESPONSE TO THE LIBEL SUIT (Krouch Murder Defense, 07.25.09)

56.   INTERNET MURDER (Crazy 4 Crazies, 07.29.09)

57.   CIVIL CASE JUDGMENT (The NJ Dirt, 10.03.09)

58.   THE DITTO TRIAL (Sea View Stew, 10.04.09)

59.   MITCH CARLSON SHOT IN THE NUDE (Strangler Then Fiction, 10.08.09)

60.   LITTLE WEENIE (Sea View Stew, 10.09.09)

61.   SATIN STRANGLER VICTIM'S AUTOPSY (Crazy 4 Crazies, 10.10.09)


63.   LOOK-ALIKE SERVICE (Crazy 4 Crazies, 10.13.09)

64.   FUNDRAISING FOR DESTINY (Destiny is Innocent, 10.15.09)

65.   SATIN STRANGLER ON BROADWAY? (Strangler Then Fiction, 10.17.09)

66.   LIBEL CASE DECISION (The NJ Dirt, 11.02.09)

67.   NO CHALLENGE (Krouch Murder Defense, 11.02.09)

68.   SERIAL KILLER FUN FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES (Crazy 4 Crazies, 11.05.09)

69.   SEX TAPES (Strangler Then Fiction, 11.08.09)

70.   RESPONSE TO THE VIDEO (Krouch Murder Defense, 11.17.09)

71.   JOIN ME IN BEAUTIFUL SEA VIEW (Crazy 4 Crazies, 12.15.09)

72.   GOOGLE TRENDS: SEA VIEW, NJ (Strangler Network, 12.16.09)

73.   THE LAWYERS BOOK (Sea View Stew, 12.20.09)

74.   BOOK SIGNING (Release Barabbas, 12.20.09)

Part 3: Metamorphosis

75.   FALSE GODS (Salvation Sermons, 12.20.09)

76.   SATIN STRANGLER BROADWAY PREMIERE PLANNED (Strangler Then Fiction, 12.22.09)


78.   I SEE YOU (Release Barabbas, 01.04.10)

79.   TEMPTATION (Salvation Sermons, 01.04.10)

80.   A VISIT WITH MITCH CARLSON (Strangler Then Fiction, 01.08.10)

81.   THE CAIN ABRAMS SHOW (Release Barabbas, 01.12.10)

82.   ABRAHAM AND ISAAC (Salvation Sermons, 01.12.10)

83.   SEXUAL ALLEGATIONS (Strangler Then Fiction, 01.18.10)

84.   FALSE ALLEGATIONS (Krouch Murder Defense, 01.19.10)

85.   LOOK ALIKE (Release Barabbas, 01.28.10)

86.   EVIL IN THE SPOTLIGHT (Salvation Sermons, 01.28.10)

87.   MORE SEXUAL ALLEGATIONS (Strangler Then Fiction, 01.30.10)

88.   MAYS MAYS SECRET (Sea View Stew, 03.01.10)

89.   LATEST DESTINY BLANDE STATISTICS (Strangler Network, 03.30.10)

90.   MAYORAL ELECTION LANDSLIDE (Sound Off NJ, 04.13.10)

91.   SCRIPTED STRANGULATIONS (Crazy 4 Crazies, 04.14.10)

92.   COURT DENIES BLANDE AGAIN (The NJ Dirt, 04.24.10)

93.   DEATH ON EVE OF PREMIERE (The NJ Dirt, 04.24.10)

94.   STORY OF BARABBAS (Salvation Sermons, 04.24.10)

95.   SATIN STRANGLER BROADWAY PREMIERE (Strangler Fashion, 04.25.10)

96.   LIFE THROUGH DEATH (Release Barabbas, 04.25.10)

97.   EVENING AT THE PREMIERE (Sound Off NJ, 04.25.10)

98.   A PREMIERE FOR THE AGES (Strangler Network, 04.26.10)

99.   MYSTERIES AND SPECULATIONS (Strangler Then Fiction, 04.27.10)

100. HUNT FOR SATIN STRANGLER (Strangler Network, 04.28.10)

101. UNBELIEVABLE! (Death for Destiny, 04.29.10)

102. OBITUARY (Strangler Network, 04.29.10)

103. FRAMED (Destiny is Innocent, 04.30.10)

104. EDGAR STAHL'S BODY FOUND (The NJ Dirt, 05.01.10)

105. RIDING THE STAR OF NEPTUNE (Sea View Stew, 07.04.10)